Helping you Reach New Heights

We all have goals but sometimes we don’t know how to reach them alone. At Summit, we strive to help you realize your fitness and life goals in a way that educates you to continue your newfound healthy and successful lifestyle for years to come.

Located in the heart of Covina, California, Summit Fitness is the largest private training facility in the area. At Summit Fitness, we have 3000 sq/ft of training space fully stocked with all your equipment needs from corrective exercise and rehabilitation to bodybuilding and performance enhancement.

Why is Summit Fitness different?

At Summit, we don’t offer memberships like most health clubs. The Summit Fitness facility is available upon appointment with one’s personal trainer. This helps control crowding in the gym and ensures availability of equipment during your session.

Our Story

Summit Fitness was founded by Chris Nguyen and Michael Manaoat in May of 2013. Both Chris and Michael came from 24 hour fitness where Michael was a club manager and Chris was a fitness manager. They didn’t agree with the corporate model at 24 hour fitness and decided to open Summit Fitness as a place where trainers could run their own personal businesses and train independently. They believed this would allow trainers to focus more on training their clients and providing results rather than hitting corporate benchmarks. Nearly three years later, Summit has provided a place for trainers to do just that. Michael Manaoat has since moved on to pursue other projects and Summit is now run by Chris and Michelle Lane.